The D’Alembert Roulette Strategy

The DAlembert roulette system is also similar to the Martingale system in a certain way. You bet a chip on a simple chance , for example red-black. If you lose, you place an additional chip on the same betting space . If you win, you reduce your stake by one chip.

This is definitely not the best roulette strategy. Although the goal is to win your initial bet as safely as possible, there are also risks.

Here, too, you can quickly reach the table limit or the end of your own financial possibilities.

In addition, this roulette betting system is based on the fact that the frequency of the appearance of the simple chances is balanced in the long term. But this is only the case in the long term, in just one evening the distribution can be quite different.

The Labouchère Roulette Strategy

The Labouchère roulette strategy is a little more complicated and you should equip yourself with a pen and paper because it becomes mathematical.

Here too, betting is based on simple chances with roulette odds of almost 50%, for example black and red.

At the beginning the player invents a sequence of numbers , for example 1, 2, 2, 3, 1, 2, 1. The addition of these numbers results in 12, which corresponds to the factor of the basic stake that one would like to win with this roulette system.

Now you proceed as follows: At the beginning you bet the sum of the first and the last number , in our example 2 chips. If you win, you cross out these two numbers and put the sum of the next two outer ones.

The Reverse Labouchère Strategy

The reverse Labouchère roulette strategy is the opposite of the normal Labouchère strategy.

Here, too, you write a sequence of numbers on a piece of paper, the sum of which corresponds to the factor of the basic bet you want to win.

First you bet the sum of the first and the last number. In contrast to the basic variant, if you win, you add this number to the right of the row. In case of loss, delete the first and last digit.

The Oscar’s Grind Strategy

Here too, betting is based on simple chances of winning with almost 50% roulette chances of winning , for example even-odd.

The entire game is divided into rounds, the aim of each round is to win one unit . If this is successful, a new round begins. Oscar’s grind strategy is comparatively conservative.

For example, if you bet € 1 on red and win, the round is over and you start a new one. If you lose, however, only € 1 is wagered again. If you win here, you bet € 2 in the next round, etc.

As I said, it is always about winning one unit of the basic stake in the round.